Fellowship Application Guide

Starting to think about fellowship applications? The MFN is excited to share our Fellowship Application Guide, which goes through every component of the fellowship application process. Compiled by the MCPHS fellows, this guide provides best general practices for written application materials, key dates for the MCPHS application process, and how to prepare for interviews. While … Continue reading Fellowship Application Guide

Alumni Feature: What We Do On the Dark Side

Nicholas Chow, PharmD, BCOP, was a Translational Clinical Oncology- Clinical Operations Post-Doctoral Fellow with MCPHS University and Novartis from 2014-2016. Check out his nontraditional path into the industry. It is an interesting read! _________________________________________________________________________ “I’ll never work for a pharmaceutical company.” A statement from my overly confident, naïve, 1st year pharmacy student self.   So, what … Continue reading Alumni Feature: What We Do On the Dark Side

Fellow Feature: Early Phase Clinical Trial Quality Assurance at Novartis

Even though QA is generally associated with a finished product, during the drug development process, there is always ongoing safety oversight at every stage. At Novartis, programs focus on early phase clinical trials, so Kaitlin has a unique perspective on QA as someone who is primarily involved at the beginning of the drug development process. Read more to learn about what inspired her to pursue a fellowship in early phase quality assurance and what she's most proud of from her first year.