Groton, CT and the surrounding areas offer the MCPHS/Pfizer fellows the opportunity to explore a variety of busy cities and quaint towns while visiting some of the best beaches in New England. The ability to spend an afternoon relaxing by the ocean, enjoying a pastry at a renowned bakery, or escaping into a nature preserve and doing all of these in the same week is what makes southwestern New England unique. When you’re looking to pay a visit to your co-fellows in Boston or spend a weekend in New York, Philadelphia, or Washington DC, all these cities can be easily accessed via the Northeast Corridor train line. The area has a great variety of dining, breweries, historic locations, and outdoor pursuits in a location that delivers no matter the season. We will provide our insights into some of our favorite spots in the area and the best things to see and do while you’re there.

Pranita Chilakamarri is a first year, Global Clinical Supply fellow with MCPHS/Pfizer. Zach Kogut is an MCPHS/Pfizer fellowship alumni from the class of 2021.

In our next installment, Pranita and Zach will explore western Rhode Island, another area close to the Groton, CT Pfizer campus.

Groton/Mystic/New London

Groton is the home of Pfizer’s world research headquarters, the city and the neighboring town of Mystic are a staple for fellows based in the area. Both cities sit on the water and have a strong maritime influence. Fresh seafood and ocean views are easy to come by while touring the mainstay locations for fellows based in the area.

Grab yourself a pastry at Sift Bakery, where the owner was named Best Baker in America

Walk through the first nuclear submarine, and the first vessel to sail under the North Pole, at the USS Nautilus Museum

Gather your co-fellows to play a game of volleyball on the waterfront public court at UCONN’s Avery Point campus

Try your hand at sailing with lessons from the Mystic Seaport Museum

Finish off the day with a beer at Tox Brewing Company, New London’s first brewery & taproom

New Haven

New Haven is home to one of America’s oldest higher learning institutions, Yale University. Rest assured there is a lot to do in this New England city with the thriving culinary scene, coastline views and a wealth of historic attractions. This city provides easy accessibility through the Metro North and Amtrak to travel to major New England cities, being hours away from New York City, Philadelphia and Boston.

Tour the medieval architecture of Yale University by downloading the Yale Campus Tour App

Enjoy an amazing list of unique art collections at the Yale Art Gallery (which is free!)

Try the largest collection of tequila on the east coast and tasty Mexican flavors at Geronimo Bar & Grill

Taste hamburger history at Louis’ Lunch

Visit the majestic Lighthouse Point Park

Choose a side in the pizza capital of the US (Frank Pepe’s, BAR, Sally’s, Modern Apizza)

End your evening with old-fashioned farm fresh ice cream at Arethusa Farm Diary


Hartford, CT which is known to be the insurance capital of the world is perfectly situated between Boston and New York City. The city has historic scenes, a thriving arts and entertainment center and the oldest publicly funded park in the United States!

Experience various famous musicals, such as Lion King, at The Bushnell

Stop by the famous author and father of American Literature at the Mark Twain House & Museum.

Taste some authentic family style Italian food at Resturant Bricco in Blue Back Square.

Learn more about the variety of medicinal plants at the Sara Knuth Medicine Garden founded by a pharmacist/toxicologist. Fun Fact: This foxglove plant is the source of Digoxin, a top 200 drug!

All photos courtesy of Pranita Chilakamarri and Zach Kogut.

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