Five Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Fellowship Recruitment

Notwithstanding the difficulties of pharmacy school's academic and clinical requirements, fellowship, and particularly the recruitment process, can be detrimental to mental health. The fellowship process can often seem relentless due to many more applicants than available fellowship positions. This simple fact leads candidates to assume a very competitive behavior amongst their peers, which can be … Continue reading Five Ways to Protect Your Mental Health During Fellowship Recruitment

Fellowship Application Guide

Starting to think about fellowship applications? The MFN is excited to share our Fellowship Application Guide, which goes through every component of the fellowship application process. Compiled by the MCPHS fellows, this guide provides best general practices for written application materials, key dates for the MCPHS application process, and how to prepare for interviews. While … Continue reading Fellowship Application Guide

Midyear Advice: Interview Tips and Ideal Fellowship Candidate Profiles

With just over two weeks until Midyear begins, the Fellowship Team asked the members of our MFN Marketing & Recruitment Committee to put together some useful information for candidates to help prepare for Midyear.

Additionally, our Director, Dr. Amee Mistry, and one of her MCPHS University Honor Students, Jordan Haines, surveyed current fellows and industry professional on what makes an ideal candidate.