In August, our Community Relations Committee (CRC) planned an event at Christopher’s Haven. Christopher’s Haven is an organization that provides temporary, low-cost housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families while receiving treatments away from their homes at Boston hospitals.

Our MFN president, Anisha Pola (Takeda), was joined by Branson Facemire (Novartis) and MFN alum Lilly Park (Takeda) for a wonderful evening of arts & crafts, cupcake decorating, and pizza with the Christopher’s Haven residents.

“It was heartwarming to see the creativity and pure happiness of the kids and to provide them as well as the parents a small distraction from the tough cards they were dealt. Their strength and positivity was truly inspiring!

My favorite part of the event was how much of a caring community this was. They decided to decorate the cupcakes to celebrate the bell ringing ceremony for one of their residents who was officially cancer free and finished with all of their oncology treatments ❤

We hope to continue having events in collaboration with Christopher’s Haven in the future.  Please see below some photos from the event.”

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