As the last of the leaves fall to the ground and we begin to exchange our windbreakers for heavier winter coats, it’s clear that autumn will have soon passed us by. With the winter season upon us, it is important to reflect on those things that have reminded us how much we have to be thankful for, especially in these challenging and uncertain times. Looking back, the MCPHS Fellowship Network (MFN) was able to accomplish a great deal within the past few months—from socially distanced networking events to innovative community outreach, the MFN has ensured that we will persevere and find creative, fun ways to safely engage with each other and our communities throughout the fall.

              In a festive “Celebration of Fall”, members of the Community Relations Committee gathered together on Halloween to adorn the Compass on the Bay Memory Care Assisted Living facility with autumn themed décor. Though the weather was a bit colder than anticipated, spirits stayed high as excitement grew amongst the residents and staff as they watched their front porch come to life with window clings, autumn leaf garlands, sparkly orange bows, and decorated pumpkins featured along the steps. The smiles on the staff’s faces were heartfelt reminders of the significant impact a simple act of kindness and appreciation can have on others, especially during this pandemic.

              Before we concluded this event, one of the staff members approached us and asked us to please come back again—she suggested a spring event, such as planting flowers, as they have a small garden outside of the facility. “Hopefully, since it would be outdoors, the residents could be more involved while still being distanced and safe!” Of course, we exchanged contact information and assured her that we would be in touch to plan events in the future, should health regulations at that time allow it.

              It’s no secret that things have been different this year; it can sometimes be easy to forget what is truly important and to be swept up in the rough, uncharted waters we are currently navigating. However, taking the time to give back and celebrate happiness—even just by brightening up someone else’s day—can do wonders in reminding us that there are plenty of things to be thankful for all around us. As we all progress into the winter season, and the end of 2020, let us continue to bring light and positivity to those around us by living each day as a celebration!

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