Meet Angela Simon, a first year Health Economics & Outcomes Research fellow at BD and based in New Jersey! Although most of our fellowship companies are based in Cambridge, MA, we have two programs based out of state: one in Connecticut and one in New Jersey. The fellows at these companies have unique experiences that allow them to network at their fellowship site as well as in Boston/Cambridge. Learn more about why BD is one of our most unique fellowship companies and how Angela has adjusted to the fellowship program.

An industry fellowship was a goal of mine very early in my pharmacy school career at the University of Toledo. I first become aware of industry opportunities during my first year in pharmacy school. I knew early on that I did not want to pursue a typical pharmacy practice career and sought out older peer mentors for career advice. Through those conversations, I became interested in industry and made it a point to shape the rest of my pharmacy school experience in a way that would prepare me for a fellowship.

After accepting the offer to become a 2018-2020 fellow in the MCPHS Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program, I knew that I would be in for an amazing experience that would set the stage for a career in industry.  Among the many fellows divided across nine companies in this program, I am fortunate enough to be one of six fellows at Becton Dickinson (BD). For the next two years, I will work in their Diabetes Care business unit as a health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) fellow.  Most of my co-fellows work out of Boston, but this position is unique as I am based in New Jersey. I am able to network across both New Jersey and Massachusetts through MCPHS program events and those sponsored through neighboring fellowship programs.

It should be stated that I am not from New Jersey. I come from the Midwest and the transition to living in a new area was interesting, but definitely doable. I am sure my peers in Boston would say the same. I quickly adapted to the fast pace of Jersey life and the energy that comes along with that making the transition very easy. Additionally, the second year fellows at BD welcomed me into the proverbial fold and helped dampen any concerns I had regarding the change from student to fellow so I could be successful right from the start.

BD offers an interesting perspective on utilizing the applications of HEOR.  Seeing as though BD is a medical technology and device company, being able to identify, demonstrate, communicate, and realize value for a product is different from a pharmaceutical company. Different strategies for evidence generation are used to successfully launch and maintain a product in the market. I am fortunate to be working for a company like BD who has a robust product portfolio and pipeline.

I am currently working on projects in nearly every stage of the product life cycle from concept phase to post-launch. These work streams allow me to work cross-functionally to achieve needed deliverables. Whether that is working with the global marketing teams to develop an informed pricing model for a new product, working with medical affairs to incorporate patient-reported outcomes into clinical studies, or working with market access to ensure HEOR data is effectively utilized, I am excited to go into work every day and call myself a MCPHS-BD HEOR Fellow.

headshot of angela simonAngela Simon, PharmD, is a Health Economics & Outcomes Research Post-Doctoral Fellow with MCPHS University and BD

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