Meet the Director!

While our program is defined by our fellows and their work, this program wouldn’t be possible without the Fellowship Team at MCPHS University. In today’s post, our Director, Amee Mistry, introduces herself and discusses her career in pharmacy and her involvement in the Fellowship Program.

My name is Amee Mistry, and I am the Director of the Biopharmaceutical Industry Fellowship Program. I attended pharmacy school at the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and graduated with my PharmD in 2005. I then continued on to pursue a PGY1 Community Based Residency with MCPHS University and Walgreens. During my time as a resident, I worked directly with patients managing their medications, providing vaccinations, conducting Medication Therapy Management sessions, as well as taught as an Adjunct Instructor for Pharmacy Practice at MCPHS University. Upon completing the residency in 2006, I began my time at MCPHS as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, where I continued my practice at Walgreens pharmacy.

During my time at Walgreens, I have provided direct patient care to thousands of patients, trained and developed hundreds of students on clinical rotation, and was a key member of the pharmacy team. At the University I taught in core classes, trained thousands of students to become immunizers, developed and expanded the role of community pharmacists through active involvement in the state association and Walgreens, and served as advisor for APhA-ASP.

In 2015, I joined the fellowship program as Director. I have had the opportunity to work directly with fellowship directors for the 9 partner companies, as well as guide and work collaboratively with all of the fellows who have gone through the program. The fellowship program has been a wonderful experience so far, and I look forward to working with this amazing group of people.

To learn more about the program, head over to the program’s website!

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