Faculty Spotlight: Ricky Thumar, PharmD, RPh

Alma Mater: MCPHS University (2012)

Post-Graduate Training: Atrius Health (formerly known as Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates)/MCPHS University

Position at MCPHS: Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice; Faculty Mentor for MCPHS/Sanofi Genzyme fellows

What is your favorite part of working with the fellowship program?

Having the opportunity to learn from and with exemplary fellows year after year while building long-lasting professional relationships

Do you have any advice for current or incoming fellows?

  • Be proactive with your own learning/education; though you graduated, you will always be a learner and post-graduate training is an amazing opportunity to grow quickly while also learning a lot about yourself.
    • Ask questions in the moment and take advantage of any/all opportunities you can; that being said, be sure to be sensitive to your workload and address/discuss any difficulties or setbacks you may have earlier than later.
    • We (both faculty and non-faculty advisors/preceptors) are here for you! But, we cannot read your minds and so we encourage keeping an honest and open dialogue throughout your experience.
    • Consider taking notes throughout the year(s) for constructive feedback that may help future years of your program and provide that feedback prior to your departure or fellowship conclusion.
    • It is okay to be a bit selfish to optimize your experience. This is YOUR fellowship. You earned it.

 What are some projects you’ve worked on with fellows over the years?

  • Professional and fellow posters for ASHP Midyear as well as AACP
    • Continuing Education presentations/recordings
    • Collaborative teaching and layered-learning in a case-based seminar-type course for P2 students
    • Supporting development of lecture material, as applicable
    • Topic discussions and journal clubs with APPE students
    • Midyear prep sessions with APPE students
    • Shadowing ambulatory care clinic activities; co-precepting APPE students