Faculty Spotlight: Paul Belliveau, PharmD

Alma Mater: University of Rhode Island (BS Pharmacy); MCPHS University – Boston (PharmD)

Post-Graduate Training: Clinical Pharmacy Fellowship in Antibiotic Management at Hartford Hospital

Position at MCPHS: Associate Dean – School of Pharmacy Worcester/Manchester; Fellowship Faculty Coordinator – Academics (Worcester/Manchester); Faculty Mentor for MCPHS/Pfizer fellows

What is your favorite part of working with the fellowship program?

I most enjoy providing individual mentorship to the fellows for aspects of their training that may be less emphasized by the industry partners. The fellows seem to appreciate the individualized attention and the different perspectives that we can bring as academics.

Do you have any advice for current or incoming fellows?

I would suggest keeping a focus on the fact that this is a training period. This is all about their growth and they should be cognizant of their individual goals. It is also important to consider that much growth is experienced through discomfort and when engaging in activities that may not necessarily be “their cup of tea”. Be open to opportunities, and do everything to ensure that there is follow-through on all activities from the academic and industry side.

What are some projects you’ve worked on with fellows over the years?

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