Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Goldman, PharmD, RPH, CDE, BC-ADM, FCCP

Alma Mater: MCPHS University (BS and PharmD)

Post-Graduate Training: Residency; Boston VA Medical Center

Position at MCPHS: Professor of Pharmacy Practice; Faculty mentor for MCPHS/BD fellows

Do you have any advice for current or incoming fellows?

Find something you are passionate about and concentrate your efforts there.  Develop a relationship with your academic preceptor to help accomplish your goals.

What is your favorite part of working with the fellowship program?

What I enjoy most about working with the fellows is observing and participating in their professional growth over time.  I enjoy helping them accomplish their goals and being a mentor for them.  I am so proud of them as they progress through the program and start their careers when they complete their fellowship.

Can you tell us about the projects you’ve worked on with the fellows?

I’ve had between 2-4 fellows since July 2013.  I take 1-2 of them in clinic once a week for 1-2 years depending on which year they have been in Boston.  The ones in NJ have traveled to Boston to attend clinic and present at the Ambulatory Care Practice Group sessions.  The ones that live in the area present at ACPG every 6 weeks (PY4). 

Over the years, Dr. Goldman and her fellow mentees have submitted ten peer-reviewed papers, thirty seven non-peer reviewed blogs/articles, six abstracts/posters, and one Continuing Education (CE) Presentation. She is currently developing one peer-reviewed paper and has two CEs in development for later in 2021. See below for some of her most recent projects.

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